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Spanish edition available!

True or False?
If you get great grades in high school, you’ll succeed in college.
FALSE: College takes personal skills as well as smarts.Students who don’t have the skills don’t succeed.

Among high school graduates with excellent grades

  • 25% of college freshmen don't return to campus sophomore year.
  • Only 36% graduate from college in 4 years.
  • Nearly 40% take 7 or more years or NEVER graduate!

How do you get these personal skills?

You read and practice the strategies in Are You Really Ready For College? It’s unlike any book anywhere. Written by Robert R. Neuman, PhD, an academic dean for 25 years, this book really prepares you for college.

Are You Really Ready For College? is your playbook. By listening to Dr. Bob, you’ll sharpen your skills day after day, play after play. Where and how? In high school. It’s the perfect place. Think of it as a four-year scrimmage with a home-field advantage. starburst

P.S.  College tuition is hugely expensive for parents. You need to get that degree in 4 years! And save your parents lots of money.

Buy the book on our website or now available at and Barnes &

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